cockroaches-on-a-toothbrush-271278139.jpgAny living creature you don't keep as a pet could be considered a pest, a term for the various rodents, insects, arachnids, and other invaders that aren’t welcome inside your home. Every pest has their reasons for entering your home, from the comforts of controlled indoor temperatures to your food and water supply. Every pest also has their harmful qualities, or the damage they can do to you or your home. Rats can chew through your electrical system, whereas roaches can contaminate food with salmonella and other deadly pathogens.

It's time for you to fight back. Don't wait for pests to show up and deal damage; hire local pest control to keep them out. That's the truism behind defense pest control in Atlanta, GA, the practice of preventing rodents, insects, and other unwanted critters from ever getting inside. 

These are the top 3 reasons why you should hire defensive pest control programs.


Many pests seek out shelter for reproduction and to store either their eggs or live, defenseless young in a predator-free zone. Your home's walls, crawl space, basement, and attic are perfect accommodations for pest reproduction. So why practice defensive pest control? By the time a pest has selected a spot indoors for reproduction, you’ll have multiple pests to contend with, not to mention the predators like spiders and snakes that will be attracted to the young. A single pest suddenly turns into an indoor ecosystem. Part of defensive pest control is keeping your home clean of food waste that can attract tiny mothers.


It's much easier and less expensive to prevent pests than to treat your home to get rid of them. This is especially true of bedbugs. Bed bug pest control involves using specialized heaters to roast the eggs and adult bedbugs alive; meanwhile, you have to temporarily move out. However, spraying organic pest control deterrents and keeping your home clean of dust and dander, all good defensive practices, are inexpensive and simple to perform.



Most pests are prey for larger animals. Rats, ants, and mosquitoes, for instance, all enjoy the relative lack of predators inside your home. You're unlikely to have a problem with eagles or wolves trying to move into your home, simply because they're perfectly safe outdoors. Most pests, being prey, have adapted a special skill to survive: maneuverability. Pests like mice and roaches can fit through tiny, unnoticeable cracks and holes, and can spend hours at a time nesting in a few square inches between your walls, where almost nothing can get to them.

When you practice defense pest control in Atlanta, GA, you prevent pests from finding entry points to the indoors. Plug holes and cracks around windows and doors, fill gaps in the foundation, and close openings between your flooring and walls to keep pests out. Then, hire a pest control company to apply organic, safe pest deterrents and make other recommendations for keeping your house pest-free.