dew-on-the-grass-751334094.jpgSpring is an important time for your lawn, especially early spring, when the weather is warming up and your grass is preparing to enter an important phase. Here are five spring yard tasks you can do as the season is getting in full swing!

1. Know How Your Grass Grows

There are generally two types of grasses, and they respond to the coming spring in different ways.

  • Cool season grasses include bluegrass, fescue, rye and similar grass. They tend to stay alive through much of winter and require a little less effort in early spring. However, spring is an important period to build them up and get them ready for the warm summer. Filling in any bare spots is important.
  • Warm season grasses include Bermuda, St. Augustine and centipede strains. These tend to go dormant over winter and come back to life when it gets warm enough, which means they need lots of fertilizer, preferably before winter, but also during spring.

2. Clean Up Your Yard!

Over fall and winter, bad weather and the changing seasons tend to throw a lot of debris on your yard, from leaves and berries to twigs and cones. That stuff will keep your grass from growing properly and make it difficult to mow. But as you rake, be gentle with your lawn. You don't want to rip up and weaken your grass, especially right before spring. Use a light rake and a light hand.

3. Prepare to Seed or Spray for Weeds

Which does your lawn need most, weed control or new seeding to fill it in? The problem is that even the most specific weed control products are harsh on new seedlings and will usually keep them from growing, so you can't seed and control for weeds at the same time. Choose one or the other spring yard task to tackle first, based on what your lawn has looked like in past springs.

4. Make Sure Your Soil Is Ready

Not many people think of this step, but as you're getting ready to start fertilizing and mowing, it's smart to take some time to study your soil. You can get an easy pH test at any home store and check how acidic your soil is, which is something you can control with lime and the right kind of fertilizers. If you aren't sure where to begin with soil testing, this is a common part of organic lawn care services that can really make a difference when prepping your lawn for spring.

5. Prepare Your Lawn Equipment Too

Here's another step that is often ignored, but still important: Clean your lawnmower from top to bottom, and make sure that the blades are sharp, too! These spring yard tasks greatly improve performance and help you plan for the spring and summer.