mouse-trying-to-hide-347941587.jpgRodents can wreak havoc on your house in a number of ways. They can make messes, cause damage that costs money and even create a health hazard for you and your family. Once it starts, a rodent problem can get out of control very quickly. Many rodents reproduce at a high rate, and it's easy to end up with a full-blown infestation before you even spot the first animal. Of course, there are some rodent red-flags to watch out for if you even slightly suspect that you might be hosting unwelcome four-legged houseguests.

1. You Notice Things that Go Bump in the Night

Rodents hide in places like the attic or inside walls, and you may hear them skittering around, particularly at night. Hearing noises in the wee hours is one likely indicator of a rodent infestation. The scampering and scuffling noises may seem spooky, but the scariest thing about this is the expensive damage they could be doing to your home.

2. Your House Smells Kind of Funny

There are plenty of culprits that can cause a not-so-pleasant odor around your house. If you’ve ruled out all the usual suspects (trash, pets, drains and so on), and you still notice a stale or acrid smell lingering, there's a chance rogue rodents are to blame.

3. Your Pets Are Acting Strange

Your pets may pick up on rodent activity around your house before you do. Dogs and cats may hear or smell rats, mice and other small creatures that you can’t see. If your pets are sniffing at the walls, floors or elsewhere, they may be picking up the scent of rodent excrement. Similarly, they may scratch or paw at the walls or floors as a result of hearing or smelling your uninvited guests.

4. You Notice Something Extra in Your Cabinet

A sure sign that rodents are afoot is finding droppings around your house or property. If you make such an unpleasant discovery, contact a pest control expert right away. Rodents running amok in your food storage areas is not only unsightly, but it’s also unsanitary.

5. There’s Something Eating at Your House

Tiny gnaw-marks are a good indication that little critters are munching on things around your home (or even on your home itself). Check the corners of food packages, and even at the edges of floorboards and walls for scrapes and scratches that could be from rats or mice. Even if you're not afraid of mice, you definitely don't want them hanging around eating your dry pasta or your drywall.

A qualified and experienced pest control expert can help you determine just what type of rodent infestation you have, and educate you about your options for taking care of it. Contact Inspect-All Services today to ask about our professional pest control services.