tuck-in-socks-210565814.jpgThey might be small and inconspicuous, but ticks can spread harmful diseases. To avoid getting a potentially debilitating illness such as lime disease, protect yourself from ticks and their bites. As you enjoy the great outdoors this summer, keep the following protection tips in mind.

1. Wear insect-repellent clothing

Wearing clothing made out of fabric treated with insect repellent does a great deal to protect you from being bitten. Most of this clothing is treated with permethrin. When you wear clothing treated with permethrin, you don't need to spray as much insect repellent on your skin. Treated clothing doesn't have an odor, and the insecticide generally lasts for many washings.

2. Cover yourself

Prevent exposure by wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, socks, hats and closed-toed shoes. Opt for light-colored clothing, such as white, so that you can quickly detect any hitchhikers.

3. Use insect repellent

You should also apply insect repellent to any exposed skin. Look for insect repellents that contain 20 percent or more of DEET or picaridin. Follow instructions carefully when applying the repellent. Avoid spraying it near the mouth, eyes and hands.

4. Hike down the middle of the path

If you go on a hike or a walk, stay in the middle of the pathway as much as possible. Avoid brushing up against vegetation as you go so that ticks don't have a chance to attach themselves to your clothing. Ticks tend to gather near the ground in brush, grass and leaves. As you pass by such areas, the pests may attach themselves to your shoes, pants or arms.

5. Check your pet

If possible, keep your pet away from vegetation. Ticks will often attach themselves to dogs and make their way to you later. Have your dog play in maintained areas of the yard.

6. Periodically check yourself while outdoors

Occasionally inspect yourself for ticks when you're outside. If possible, have someone look at areas that you can't see, such as your back. When you catch ticks before they burrow through your clothing, you protect yourself from getting bitten. Bring along fine-tipped tweezers and use them to remove anything embedded in your clothes.

7. Clean up thoroughly when you get home

Good hygienic practices once you get home from outdoor time will help remove any ticks that may have come home with you. Take a shower right away, and thoroughly check your whole body, including your scalp. Bumps on the skin that weren't there prior may be ticks. Also, put your clothing through a hot dryer for 10-20 minutes. Doing this kills live ticks that might be on your clothing.

At Inspect-All Services, we wish you a healthy, safe summer enjoying outdoor activities. If you're concerned about ticks in your yard, give us a call. We provide safe and effective tick control indoors and out.