ants-at-stop-sign-344441188.jpgThe number-one problem with pests is that, once you see one, they've probably already nested in your home. By the time a single rodent, roach, or spider appears before you, there are likely several more of them living between your walls, under your cabinets, in your pantry, or even in your attic. 

So consider hiring a pest control company for a home inspection service to be regular, routine home maintenance. Like hiring a plumber or AC tune-up technicians, hiring pest control to provide a home inspection report in Atlanta, GA, keeps your home safe and running smoothly. 

What is a home inspection? An exterminator will check your home's most vulnerable areas for signs of pest activity, including droppings, scratch marks, or even live pests. Then, they will provide you with a report on the state of your home, its current risk of infestation—or state of infestation—and recommendations on how to keep your home pest-free. They can then apply regular pest prevention methods to keep you safe. Here are the top benefits of investing in regular pest control inspections.

Pest Prevention

By the time you see a single roach or rat, there's a chance it could've spread a disease. Termites and other destructive pests cause so much expensive damage that it's worth the low home inspection rates to hire professional prevention. Good preventative methods can deter pests and can catch infestations early, before the damage is too widespread.

Home inspections can even lead to good recommendations for deterring pests. If your home is vulnerable in certain areas, like the crawl space or kitchen, a professional can recommend action before an infestation happens.


Good Investment

Not only does pest control prevent you from having to pay hundreds or even thousands in expensive repairs, it's a good investment in value preservation or maintaining good financial value of your home. It's a bad idea to try to resell a home with an active pest problem. Not only will this deter buyers, but it can take a significant blow to your asking price. Home inspection prices are low compared to these significant financial losses.

If you're the potential buyer, hiring a home inspector saves you from finding hidden pest infestations or damage after a sale is finalized.

If you're worried that you may have a pest problem, you can call a local pest control company for a home inspection quote. Inspect All Atlanta offers regular home inspections and pest control for great, low prices. Call us now to get a home inspection report in Atlanta, GA, today.