house-fly-on-a-branch-148543115.jpgThe temperatures are starting to drop and autumn is finally here. Along with the falling leaves and shorter days come a plethora of pests, clamoring to find a way indoors. From rodents to insects, if you notice any of these critters inside of your home, it’s time to call the best pest control in Atlanta, GA.


They’re the most annoying guests at the barbecue and now they’re headed inside. If you’re tired of the buzzing and swatting, you’re not alone. Flies are one of the most common pests seen indoors during the fall months. Due to the warm summer months, flies are typically more abundant once autumn hits. These tiny pests can contaminate food and surfaces while also spreading disease and illness. While you may keep your doors and windows shut as much as possible, it’s easy for these speedy insects to make their ways indoors.

Bees and Yellow Jackets

During the summer, stinging insects, like bees and yellow jackets, are seen flitting from flower to flower. This is the season in which they thrive. Once the flowers begin to die though, the bees begin to get angry. During the fall, stinging insects become more active. As they search for a food source, they become irritable and anxious. If you notice a hive of stinging insects, don’t attempt to take care of the infestation yourself. Instead, allow a professional to remove the hive to prevent serious stings and injuries.


During the warm summer months, there are plenty of food droppings for ants to eat. Ice cream cones, crackers, and chips are all aplenty. When fall and winter begin to set in, its much harder for these bugs to find food. Instead of relying on the great outdoors, many ants will begin to head inside in search of crumbs. Your home not only provides them with a wealth of food, but also shelter from the cold weather and storms. To discourage these tiny insects from coming inside, keep all pet food off of the ground. It’s also a good idea to put all trash directly in a trash receptacle. If left on the floor, it may become a tantalizing treat for ants and other insects. When all else fails, call in the professional pest control companies to take care of the problem for you.



With the weather cooling down, mice are looking for a warm place to cozy up. They love to squeeze through cracks and tiny holes in an attempt to make their way inside. Because rodents carry life-threatening disease and illness, it’s more important than ever to prevent them from invading your home. If you hear scurrying behind your walls, notice bit marks in cereal boxes, or spot mice droppings, don’t wait. Call in a professional pest control company to rid your home of any rodents that could be putting your family at risk.

These are just a few of the most common critters that will try to make their way indoors during the cold winter months. While there are things you can do to reduce their appearances, the best way to eliminate their presence is by calling on reliable pest control in Atlanta, GA. If you'd like to learn more, give Inspect All Atlanta.