fire-ant-mound-829754890.jpgBetween raking up leaves and getting ready for the holidays, this can be a hectic time of the year. While homeowners often abide by age-old "spring cleaning" guidelines, most homes could also use a little bit of maintenance in the other half of the year. Homeowners would be wise to deal with fire ants in the cooler times of the year since it is the best time to kill them. Here's why this cooler season is the best time to deal with your fire ant problem and why doing so is the best way to eliminate or prevent potential infestations.

Fire Ants and Your Home

While they don't carry the destructive powers that make termites such a formidable and scary foe for so many homeowners, fire ants can be just as terrifying. Although they don't eat away at your home's foundation, having ants around your food and kitchen while living with the constant threat of ants attacking you can be quite a stressful experience. Make sure you know how to identify fire ants so that you can tell when an infestation may be on its way.

What You Can Do

Fire ants can be a difficult problem in any home, especially if you own an older home. Eliminating fire ants is a tricky endeavor when attempted on your own, as trained professionals have the skills and tools to take care of the problem and prevent future infestations. Fortunately, fall is the best time to act, since it's the time of year when fire ants are most dormant.

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