bug-on-a-stick-241857111.jpgA side of stink bug with an extra large helping of horsefly? While bugs may be irritating when found inside your home, there are plenty of cultures that enjoy eating insects. Imagine if you could round up those ants lurking in your garage and serve them for dinner! If frying and eating those pesky grasshoppers doesn’t sound appealing to you, don't fret. Call your local pest control in Atlanta, GA, and leave the consumption of bugs to other cultures. 

Entomophagy is the term used to describe using insects as a food source. While you may have found a fly in your salad or an aphid in your strawberries, those scenarios are accidental. Many countries consider bugs a delicacy. From Africa to Mexico, here are a few of the world’s most delicious insects.


These tiny insects are notorious wood eaters. In the United States, they’re a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In indigenous regions of Africa and Australia, termites are considered a valuable source of protein. The queen termite, especially, is considered to be even more desirable. In many cultures, termites are gathered together and fried. Due to the flavor and high fat content, some consider them to be a food source more nutritious than beef. They’re often gathered in large quantities to provide a protein-rich meal to families.


Caterpillars eventually turn into beautiful butterflies. But, for the people of Mexico, they’re much more than that. Giant Skipper caterpillars are a delicacy. They’re large and easier to catch than other insects. These giant caterpillars are collected from the leaves of plants and deep-fried. Typically, they're sold fresh in marketplaces and can also be found canned in some grocery stores. 



Locusts and grasshoppers are some of the most popular insects to eat. Korea, Africa, and oriental countries often use these bugs as a consistent source of food. Often, the locusts are gathered before they even become active. Once they’re boiled, they’re cleaned and salted. In some cultures, they grind the dried locusts and combine them with peanut butter.


Those large-shelled bugs may bother you, but to the people of Africa, they’re delicious. Scarab beetles, like the Goliath Beetle, are an excellent source of protein. These are often eaten raw or fried. Full-grown beetles aren’t the only type of insect being sought after. Even the larva, which can reach a length of five and a half inches, are often collected and eaten with meals. Larva of many different beetles is considered to be a delicacy.

While some cultures consider insects to be a delicious source of food, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live with an infestation. Whether you’re dealing with termites, spiders, or rodents, you have options. By exploring your pest control cost in Atlanta, GA, you can decide the best way to rid your home of pesky pests.