mouse-in-a-house-651793166.jpgIf you've had an inspection done and there are no rodents in your home, you're ahead of the game! If you do have rodents living in your house, call a company that provides rat pest control in Atlanta, GA, and have them take care of the infestation. Once you've gotten rid of the rodents, you can begin the process of keeping your home rodent-free.

Mind the Gap

Rodents just aren't small, they're also malleable. Any crack or hole in your home's defenses that is a quarter of an inch or larger can provide a way to allow a mouse into your home. Don't be fooled by thinking that the hole on the outside doesn't go anywhere. Rodents are more than happy to occupy the space between the walls. Check your foundation and your doors and windows. If the weather stripping isn't tight, fix it. Any place you find gnaw marks, put a metal plate to stop the gnawing.

Look Up

Tree branches that touch the house can provide an easy path for rodents to get in. Loose shingles, and damaged attic vents and screens provide a place for rodents to get entry to your home. If you have a chimney, make sure it's capped.

Look Down

Be sure to clear any hedges away from the house. Remove grass and low hanging branches so that rodents don't have an easy passage to the home. They like to hide; the more you can expose, the less likely they are to try to make a run for it. Keep the grass around your home and its foundation short.


Look All Around

Utility holes, like dryer vents, can be an open invitation to a rodent. Be sure there are no gaps and all screens fit well and are fixed in place. Drain pipes and brick or stone walls can be easy for a rodent to climb. Paint a 12-inch stripe of glossy clear paint around the pipe or home about 3 feet from the ground.

All You Can Eat

One of the most effective ways to keep rodents out of the home is to remove their food sources. Pet food, leaky pipes, and bird feeders are all potential attractants. Taking care of these in an appropriate manner will maintain your rodent-free home as they will seek other food sources.

Less Attractive

When you call for rat pest control in Atlanta, GA, the company should be able to help you clean the sites where the rats once lived. By bleaching the area and doing a thorough cleaning, you'll get rid of the pheromones that may have attracted other rodents to your home. Rodents can carry diseases and bring fleas into the home. Be sure to take care of them as quickly as you can.