tech-on-roof-281860376.jpgThere are several times when hiring a home inspector is a good idea. Most people only consider an inspector when they're looking to buy, but it's not a bad idea to seek out home inspection companies in Atlanta when you're selling a home, or just making sure your home is in good condition, whether you're considering selling it or not. Here are a few different types of home inspections you may wish to consider.

The Pre-Listing Inspection

There are several steps to selling a home. At every moment along the way, you'll want to know what shape your home is in. By having it inspected before you list it, you'll have a better idea as to the value of the home, and will know what may need addressing before showing it off to buyers. The more problems you can fix, the higher the listing.

The Pre-Sale Inspection

This is the inspection homeowners are most familiar with. Hired by the buyer, the inspector will look for any problems so they can assess the property before it's purchased. If you're the seller, having already put your home through the pre-listing inspection will give you valuable insight into the accuracy of the potential buyer's inspection. It's their job, after all, to go over every square inch of your house in an effort to find problems with it.


Maintenance and Remodeling Inspections

Just as it's important for you to periodically see a doctor for a checkup, it's a good idea to have your home regularly inspected. While no one likes to pay to fix things, anything that an inspector would detect will be far less expensive to correct than waiting until there's an emergency. A skilled inspector will notice small things like leaks and cracks that you may not have noticed, but could have dire and expensive consequences if left unaddressed.

Pre-Rental Inspections

If you're considering renting a home, you may want to have it inspected first. While many of the expenses associated with renting are the responsibility of the landlord, you don't want to have to get something fixed the minute you move in. It's far better for your peace of mind to know in advance if there's a problem with the property that may result in you having to relocate while it's repaired.

Investment Property Inspections

As with buying a home to live in, you'll want to know everything you can about an investment property before committing your hard-earned money. Also, once purchased, you'll need regular inspections to keep the property up to code and safe for your tenants, if you have any.

Regularly scheduling structural home inspections in Atlanta, GA, is the best and safest way to protect yourself from costly emergency repairs, and to keep your home in the best possible condition for that day when you're ready to sell.