cockroach-at-the-edge-854650895.jpgThere’s a long-standing joke that even if all other life ceased to exist on earth, the lowly but robust cockroach would still be alive. Pest control experts must continually adapt their methods and products in order to effectively fight these nearly invincible creatures. Keep reading to learn how roaches have managed to survive for so long and discover what we mere humans can do to keep them out of our homes.

• They’re fast - Cockroaches are quick. This simple, yet highly effective, trait enables them to scurry away from danger. To understand just how fast cockroaches can run, think of it like this: If a human could run as fast as a cockroach (accounting for differences in body size), that person would be running at a speed of about 200 miles per hour.
• They’re adaptable - Cockroaches evolve at a much faster rate than most other creatures. Roaches can also develop resistance to certain pest control methods, even passing this adaptation on to their offspring. This makes keeping up with these pesky creatures a serious and ongoing challenge for pest control experts.
• They have diverse appetites - It’s much easier to survive if you’re able to eat just about anything. Roaches aren't picky, and they'll happily feast on whatever is available in and around your home. They’ll eat books, clothing, bits of food and even (ugh) sewage.

How to Combat the Ultimate Survivor

Nobody wants to see roaches in their home. They cause cleanliness and hygiene issues, and they can create health problems in particular for people with cockroach allergies. If you’re not quite ready to let cockroaches inherit the earth, effective methods exist to keep them far away from your home and family.

It’s best to implement a regular program to combat roaches from multiple angles. By setting up a perimeter defense, you can prevent roaches from entering your home in the first place. Back this up with pesticides inside your home to form a protective ring around your property. Continue to follow up with ongoing inspections and treatments, and you can keep roaches out of your life all year long.

If you have already noticed a few cockroaches in your home, get help as soon as possible to avoid a bigger and more expensive problem in the future. Even if you don't see these pests, that doesn't mean they're not there. Another reason these bugs are tough to beat is that they are so good at hiding. It pays to have regular home inspections. Contact Inspect-All Services today and let our experts formulate a plan for safeguarding your home against roaches or for ridding your property of pests that may have already taken up residence.