ticks-on-wood-floor-245851588.jpgThe seasons typically influence pest behavior. To deter pests from your home and safeguard it from invasion, it's essential to understand the pest patterns that vary with each season. Here's how weather can affect pest infestations and how organic pest control in Atlanta, GA, can keep them out of your home.


In the winter, many insects will try to find a shelter. Some insects will hibernate to avoid cool climates and save their energy. Other insects ride out the winter months underground or in the water. Wasps and bees find homes in trees and logs while ants go to their nesting sites. These insects can survive winter months by settling in a place that is safe from the cold temperatures. Pests such as mice and rats cannot handle the winter months, as well, and may find sanctuary inside of your house. To ensure that you appropriately combat pest infestation, it's wise to contact local pest control in Atlanta, GA.


When the temperatures get cooler, insects and other pests will start to prepare for the upcoming winter months. Many pests will seek out a warm residence to use as shelter. You may notice a flow of ladybugs and spiders in your home. Pests that are larger will search for a point of entry into your home. It's best to ensure that all cracks, holes, and gaps are properly sealed to keep pests outside. Proper pest control in Atlanta, GA, can decrease the chances of nuisances entering your home at this time of the year.


When spring arrives, the temperatures are warmer and the ice melts. With this type of weather, pests come out of their shelters and there's an increase in activity. A surplus of rain can bring ants to the inside of your residence as they search for higher ground. Most of the pest activity happens outside of the home since pests are searching for mates, food, and water. There are times when pests search for places such as your house to build a nest. You should be aware of any changes inside of your home including an ant invasion or bug wings. If you notice abnormal pest behavior or patterns, it's best to contact house pest control in Atlanta, GA.



Summer is known for the invasion of mosquitoes. While mosquitoes usually do not try to get inside of your home, their presence can be irritating if you are trying to relax outdoors. They're a particular nuisance when they bite you. There are other common insects at this time of the year including bees, wasps, and ticks. Wasps and bees will construct their residence in any available opening of your home such as overhangs. Having experienced outdoor pest control in Atlanta, GA, can help deter these insects so that you can enjoy the outdoor space.

How Mild Weather Affects Insects

Warmer temperatures result in more reproduction of insects. They can travel farther since insects reach maturation faster in warm temperatures. A large number of insects that are unknown in certain areas can travel extensive distances which cause damage and infestations.

How Cold Weather Affects Insects

If the temperatures are under 50 degrees, many summertime insects cannot develop. If the temperatures are below freezing, then the insects become inactive. Dependent upon the type of species, a number of insects die in freezing temperatures. Cold weather diminishes the reproduction and growth of insects which helps to prevent the spread of pests.