tech-at-sink-697748816.jpgBuying a new house is an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, sometimes people buy homes and don’t realize that they’re not the only ones taking up residency in the new home. No, this isn’t a blog about ghostly hauntings. It’s about pests that stayed behind when the previous owners left. It’s about why you should never buy a new house until you’ve had a home pest inspection by Atlanta, GA, pest control companies.

About Home Inspection Services in Atlanta, GA

Typically, when you buy a house you have the property inspected to identify problems with structural components. You have the roof and foundation checked. You have the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC inspected to make sure they’re in good working order. These types of inspections done by home inspectors in Atlanta, GA, overlook one important problem - pests.

All properties, old and new, are vulnerable to pest infestations. From wood-destroying insects like termites to ants, mice, flies, and other pests, there are various types of insects that could be residing in the home. They often don’t make themselves known until after you’ve signed the deal. Now, they’re your problem.

Pest Inspection Services

So, what can you expect when you contact pest home inspectors from Atlanta, GA? A complete inspection includes looking for termite activity. Signs that a home has a termite problem includes the following:

• Dry rot damage
• Moisture conditions that lead to infestations
• Trim and siding inspections
• Roof eaves inspection

Termites are considered silent destroyers in the pest elimination industry. They cause extensive amounts of damage and multiply rapidly. If a property is near a tree line, woods, or even has a woodpile near the house, it’s at risk of a termite invasion. Allowing termites to reside in the home, even if they seem to be out of sight and not bothersome, will destroy the structural integrity of the property. Pest home inspection specialists in Atlanta, GA, take home inspection services to the next level.


Reasons You Need Pest Inspection Services Today

Pests destroy homes. They also create unhealthy living situations. For example, if you have a family of mice living in the home, they’re undoubtedly leaving behind waste everywhere they go. This creates unsanitary living conditions. Additionally, mice and other rodent-like creatures that take up residence in attics and crawlspaces wreak havoc on electrical and plumbing components. These problems might not be noticed right away by a regular home inspector and you, as the new homeowner, might not realize the problem for months or years. By this time, the damage will likely be both extensive and expensive to fix.

You’re investing a lot of money into buying a home. Why not protect this investment with a pest inspection? Make this inspection a condition of the offer you put on the home. Then contact a reputable company for home pest inspection in Atlanta, GA. Give us a call today (770) 483-2808. If an issue is found, it doesn’t mean it has to be a deal breaker. Bring the findings to your real estate agent to negotiate pest removal and remediation before you move in.