stink-bug-on-a-leaf-184496827.jpgHumans change and adapt to the weather changes each season and, no surprise, so do insects. As much as it bothers homeowners, fall is the time of the year when insects come marching in, finding the perfect shelter for the upcoming winter. Here are the top four insects you may find in your home this autumn and what to do about them.

kudzu-bugs-449823170.jpgKudzu Bugs

In Georgia, the population of Kudzu bugs has exponentially increased over the span of the last five years. In fact, many entomologists are calling their growth near epidemic status. The reason these insects are marching into your home this fall is to hide their eggs in the best overwintering places. If you are finding Kudzu bugs in your home, contact Inspect-All Services to learn about their services specifically designed to handle this troublesome pest.


Stink Bugs

Stink bugs have always been a common insect in Georgia; however, in recent years, like Kudzu bugs, there have been more and more stink bugs popping up across all corners of the United States, much to the frustration and anger of homeowners. Once you spot one stink bug, there are usually dozens to follow.


Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles

The multicolored Asian Lady Beetles may resemble the "Lady Bugs" we all grew up catching, but these imported cousins are slightly larger, emit a foul smell, secrete a yellow-colored fluid that can stain fabrics and may bite. While these little beetles may help monitor pests inside one's home, they release a pheromone, which is a communication signal to all other beetles in the area. Again, once you see one of these insects, there will be a multitude hiding somewhere close by.


Triatomine Bugs

More commonly known as "kissing bugs," these insects have made headlines around the world over the past few years because of their connection to Chaga's disease. While this disease may be rare, it is serious and is spread by the bite or "kiss" of these insects. If you have seen any triatomine bugs in your area, give Inspect-All Services a call today and allow our professionals to take care of them.

Plan of Action

With fall right around the corner, you should not be overly surprised to find any of these creatures inside your home. In the event that you do, don't panic, contact Inspect-All Services and let us help remove any insect pests from your home once and for all.