rake-in-leaves-803066609.jpgThe weather is in its last heat wave, and fall temperatures will be rolling in shortly. As the climate cools, your yard needs some tender loving care before the colder seasons kick in. Here are a few tips to help keep your yard beautiful as autumn begins.

Take care of the trimmings

Now is the time to remove any clippings or leaves that may be choking your lawn. Not only does debris limit the amount of light your lawn receives, but it can also play host to unwanted pests.

Cover outdoor furniture

Although this is not technically part of the yard, the elements can take a toll on outdoor tables and chairs. Paint and protective coatings can chip off and cause unsightly stains or residue on the ground. Cover everything that is exposed to the open air or simply move it indoors.

Inspect the house for pests

Termites can stick around after the weather cools and can still damage your home. Check for signs of termite damage and schedule a termite inspection and preventative treatment.

Research types of bugs that may need to be eliminated. As the weather changes, many insects may attempt to move inside your home. Fall is an excellent time to treat your yard for any unwanted pests.

Hire a lawn care service

If you haven't already, now is a great time to hire a professional like Inspect-All Services to assess your lawn's needs. From fertilizer to aeration, fall is the best time to prepare your lawn for winter and ensure it will look its best next spring. Contact the friendly staff at Inspect-All Services today and let us help keep your lawn lush and healthy.

Don't forget the garden

All the hard work invested earlier in the year is about to pay off. Those winter squashes are almost ready to be picked, so make sure they, and any other vegetables you may have planted, are able to finish their growing cycle so that they are ready for your fall table. When performing daily maintenance, inspect the foliage for overgrowth and any impending bug threats.

With a little effort, your lawn can look its best during fall and winter and can be ready when the warm weather returns.