termites-top-and-bottom-682569252.jpgHiring a pest control company for a professional home inspection in Atlanta, GA, comes with its perks. Professionals can locate pest activity, identify signs of vulnerability to pest invasions, and act to prevent swarms of pests like termites from invading. 

However, termite pest control and all forms of pest control have their distinct risks. For example, rat poison or ant sprays are highly toxic and are dangerous to pets, children, and even you. Worse, you don't even have to ingest these chemicals in order to be harmed by them. Therefore, the best pest control companies will work to keep you and your family safe from harm, even while keeping the worst pests at bay. 

Safety Measures

Pest control experts know the threats associated with their methods and will therefore make efforts to keep you safe. The Environmental Protection Agency has issued safety guidelines regarding the use of pesticides, which cover the use, storage, and other factors related to their use. 

Prevention First

Pest control experts know that the best form of pest control is prevention, so indoor and outdoor pest control experts will make efforts to prevent pests, rather than immediately using pesticides without consideration. For instance, after a home inspection, a pest control team may recommend that you close gaps around doors and windows, fix leaky plumbing, and take other measures to prevent pest invasions.


Use of Pesticides

Some pesticides are used during a home inspection to keep pests out. These deterrent methods must be used safely. An exterminator will ask that you keep your children and pets away from areas where pesticides have been applied, at least for a short period of time after application. They will avoid spraying pesticides on areas that you come in contact with, like door handles or drawers, and will avoid spraying the heaviest layers of pesticides where children may sit, sleep, or play. 

Exterminators will always follow the product's instructions and will not apply any more than is absolutely necessary. If there are pesticides designed for outdoor use, they will never be used indoors.

Storage of Pesticides

Should a pest control team offer that you keep certain pesticides at home, like ant bait or roach bait, which are the safest and most moderate form of pest control to use regularly, they will recommend that you store them safely. Baits have a low impact on residents if used safely. They may apply baits for you and then demonstrate how to safely apply them for future use. Keeping them out of reach of children is a necessity. 

During a professional home inspection in Atlanta, GA, your safety is a priority, and a good exterminator will take the above steps to ensure you and your family are safe from the effects of pesticides.