spraying-baseboard-526479093.jpgPest control isn't something that anyone should take lightly, but sometimes it can be challenging to identify the best pest-control service. With the right questions and a little bit of research, you should be able to narrow down your options and find a company that can deliver everything you need at a reasonable price.


Every pest-control company needs to be licensed. This is one of those areas where it's genuinely nonnegotiable. Either they're licensed or they're not. Having a company and staff license indicates that they meet national and international standards in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Registration Authority. If the business doesn't have its license, you should simply go somewhere else. It's not worth taking the risk and you shouldn't throw your money away.


Every business professional knows that reputation is key. It's always recommended that you speak with your friends, family, or neighbors to learn about their previous experiences with local pest-control companies. You should be able to get at least one or two good recommendations. After that, you can check out their websites, read online reviews, and try to identify your best option. A well-reputed company will have a trademark and a logo. They should also have a branded truck for work. Always be cautious whenever inviting anyone into your home. It's important that you feel confident in their professionalism and ability.


Established companies have a reputation to protect. However, newer companies might have highly-skilled technicians and could be perfectly capable. Unfortunately, it's not possible for you to gauge that as a customer. The safer choice is to go with a business that's a well-established entity. Having several years (or even decades) in the area is a good indicator that they're trustworthy and know what they're doing. While it's possible that a new business could do excellent work and offer competitive prices, most people prefer going with a well-known name.

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Not all pest-control businesses offer all services. Be sure to ask about what they provide and don't be afraid to ask for details. Do they use infrared detection for pests? Can they handle termites, as well as roaches and ants? Will they protect you against mosquitoes and rodents? Having a one-stop shop for all your pest needs could save you time, money, and frustration, but not all companies perform all services. Knowing what they do and don't cover in advance is certainly wise.


Safety standards are key, especially with chemical treatments. Do they use the proper protective gear? Are they responsible when it comes to explaining the hazards? People and pets can be susceptible to certain chemicals, so precautionary measures are essential to safeguard the health and safety of you, your family, and your pets. Keep all these details in mind when looking for pest-control services in Atlanta, GA. Don't take chances when it comes to pests. For more information, give us a call today (770) 483-2420!