termite-colony-890747316.jpgHomeowners across the country spend copious amounts of money renovating their houses, filling it with beautiful furniture, and decorating, until every room is exactly the image they saw in their mind.

Pest Control

At the first sighting of an ant in the kitchen, a hornet’s nest under the eaves, or the clitter-clatter of mice feet in the night, you run out and buy a variety of traps and sprays, and of course, you should. No one wants rodents or insects inhabiting their space. They breed quickly and create unsanitary conditions. This is troubling, especially if you’re growing a small family of your own.

But what about termites? Home inspection in Atlanta, GA, knows that termites are the one pest homeowner’s rarely give a second thought, and yet they have the potential to create this most devastation. Termites live in colonies, much like ants, however their food of choice aren’t your leftover, counter-crumbs; it’s your home’s structure, wood.

The Solution

If you suspect termites in your home, immediately call home inspection companies in Atlanta, GA. There’s no time to waste as termites reproduce quickly, each female laying an egg every fifteen-seconds equating to 30,000 eggs daily! Moreover, the queen can live up to twenty-years, ensuring her colony only gets stronger.


The good news is there’s help. When you bring in home inspectors from Atlanta, GA, they have a secret weapon called the Sentricon system. This technique, formally known as the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, uses knowledge of the termites feeding routines to pull a Trojan-horse on the insects. They unwittingly bring the poison back to their home base, simultaneously infecting masses.

There are a number of benefits to hiring home inspectors in Atlanta, GA, to install a Sentricon System in your house.


The Sentricon system doesn’t use large amounts of chemical poison. Trace amounts of recruit bait are all that’s necessary to get the job done. Moreover, all bait pods are outside of your home, therefore keeping your children and pets safe from inadvertently ingesting anything.


The environmentally-conscious green pods are buried under the ground in target locations along the termite’s well-worn food path. The pods are expertly placed by home inspection services in Atlanta, GA, in a ten-foot perimeter.


Large termite mounds can house upwards of 3,000,000 insects, each of them doing their appointed job 24-hours a day to keep their colony thriving. The Sentricon elimination system can wipe out an effectively functioning colony, and prevent another infestation from taking their place.

You’ve put a lot into making your house a home. Fill it with children, pets, and memories. Don’t allow termites to take control and drive you out. Call for a home inspection in Atlanta, GA, to assess your home. If you’re termite-free, stay that way by having them install the Sentricon system. Knowing your home is safe from termites will be all the peace of mind you need.