drone-over-house0-848153334.jpgDrones are truly a technology of this century. They have proven useful in many industries and areas, including entertainment, photography, and sports. However, what place do drones hold in the world of home inspection? Here are some key reasons why drones might be crucial to your professional home inspection:

Reaching High Places

Drones are known foremost to reach high and hard to reach places. The benefits that this provides to home inspections is the ability to view components to structures that are harder to do so in person. Such is the case with very tall structures that are too high up to reach and thus get an adequate inspection. Drones, on the other hand, can quickly climb through the air and access altitudes previously thought uninspectable.

Reaching Unsafe Places

In addition to areas of your home that are too high up to reach, there might also be places that are unsound to physically stand on. For example, imagine that you need your roof inspected. The fragile shingles on their own carry risk of falling off during an inspection. However, what if the roof already has significant damage? While the inspection needs to investigate this, standing on the structure might compromise it and endanger both the inspector and your property.


It’s Faster

The flight speed of a drone is very impressive, largely contributing to its wow factor. With the above two solutions in mind, the use of a drone already saves time by reducing the need of any extra preparation that inspector might require to inspect harder to reach areas. With their speed, however, drones can shorten the time it takes for the overall inspection. This comes especially in handy as the property size increases. For example, imagine how quickly an inspection of a huge castle would take if not for a drone.

It’s More Thorough

Inspecting a home is a very tedious task, incorporating several aspects of your property and the many issues that may plague it. With this line of work comes a reliance on detail that might be compromised in the chance that something is overlooked. With a drone, however, much more can be seen and reported. Not only is the perspective of a drone much wider than the human eye, but its camera footage can be relied upon to go back and assess additional details that may have been missed in the initial inspection.

At the end of the day, home inspection specialists in Atlanta, GA, prioritize the needs of your home and the ability to provide the most accurate and in-depth inspection of your home. One way to accomplish this is to utilize a drone for the above reasons. With the unique abilities of a drone, your inspection is guaranteed to be the best.