happy-family-374670569.jpgHow often do you stop to think about the air quality of your home? Many homeowners are too concerned with other aspects of maintaining their property to stop and consider the less obvious things, but December is a great time to test your indoor air quality.

What is Indoor Air Quality Testing?

When most people think of air pollution, they imagine a news story about Beijing or New Delhi, with pedestrians being forced to stay inside or to wear protective masks when walking about in public. But the truth is that air quality in homes can be just as important because it is where we live, after all. While the air inside your home may not be full of carbon monoxide, other harmful chemicals and toxins that can come from the soil, materials surrounding a house's foundation and other places can affect indoor air quality.

Testing should be performed by a professional with the proper expertise and equipment to measure particles that may not be visible and may be odorless. Professional testing will determine the level of pollutants in the air, and the experts can then assess whether steps should be taken to improve indoor air quality.

Why Should I Do it Now?

December is a great time to test your indoor air quality. First and foremost, it's optimal to test at the beginning of winter, as you gear up to spend the season indoors. If you have kids or live with elderly family members, you should know that vulnerable populations such as these can be more strongly affected by pollutants. If left unchecked or untested, poor indoor air quality can adversely affect respiratory health.

If you're interested in learning more about the air quality in your home, contact Inspect-All today. They are experts not only at monitoring home air quality but also at testing for radon and helping to eliminate pests that may reside in your house. Whether you're looking to better understand your home's air quality or are looking to prevent future damage, Inspect-All is your one-stop location for experts in home services.