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Mosquitoes are the most significant vector of human disease in history, responsible for more human deaths annually than any other living creature. Not only do mosquitoes carry diseases that are dangerous to humans, they also transmit several diseases and parasites harmful to dogs, cats, horses and other animals. The mosquito-borne Zika virus has been confirmed in Georgia and has made national news due to outbreaks across the world and cases in the United States.

In Atlanta, mosquitoes can quickly infiltrate vulnerable areas; mosquitoes are prolific breeders and can lay up to 3,000 eggs every couple of weeks! Get some peace of mind and trust the experts at Inspect-All to take care of mosquito prevention for you. 

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Types of Mosquitoes in Atlanta

Aedes mosquitoes
o Feeds all day, not just at dusk and dawn. Known to carry the Zika virus. Found in the American South. Aggressive in tall grass and forests.

Anopheles mosquitoes
o Feed primarily at dawn and dusk. Known to transmit heartworm to dogs and other animals. Found all over the United States.

Culex mosquitoes
o Feed primarily at dawn and dusk. Known to carry the West Nile virus. Found all over the United States.

Seasonality of Mosquitos

Many people believe mosquito season begins in late Spring, but mosquitoes only require a temperature of over 50 degrees Fahrenheit to be active. As temperatures heat up, mosquitoes truly thrive over 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a warm climate like Atlanta, preventing mosquito breeding sites in late Winter to early Spring is critical to keeping the mosquito population under control. Monthly treatments from March through October are highly effective in controlling residential mosquito populations.

Inspect-All Mosquito Treatment

At Inspect-All, we are experts in fighting off mosquitoes and have been for over 35 years.

Our state-registered and experienced technicians use high-impact blowers to combat pesky (and dangerous) mosquitoes. Beginning monthly mosquito services early in the Spring allows our trained technicians to eliminate breeding sites and prevents eggs from turning into adult mosquitoes.

Our 3-Step Mosquito Management Program

Ditch the Itch - Safe, Effective
& Eco-friendly

1. Source Reduction - Eliminate conducive conditions around property and yard.
2. Larval Control - Treat standing water and potential water collection areas with larvicide.
3. Barrier Treatment - Chemical treatment of mosquito harborage areas every 30 days (March- October)

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While you can't effectively control mosquitoes on your own, especially in a climate like Atlanta, there are a lot of steps you can take to help control the mosquito population at your home:

  • Check flower pots and other containers for excess water.
  • Flush out the water in birdbaths and fountains regularly.
  • Store boats, canoes and other objects so that they do not collect rainwater.
  • Rinse off water collecting on backyard trampolines and other items.
  • Keep rain gutters free of leaves and other debris that prevent water from draining.
  • Correct drainage problems in yards and playing fields to prevent rain and irrigation water from pooling for prolonged periods.
  • Fill holes or depressions in trees with sand or mortar.
  • Keep hedges and other hiding places trimmed and open.
  • Repair leaky pipes, outside faucets, and connect open wastewater drains to a sewage system or construct separate sump or leach lines.
  • Keep wading and swimming pools clean at all times.
  • Empty water containers for pets and check livestock watering troughs and tanks.
  • Correct or report drainage problems in ditches along public or private roadways.
  • Keep grass mowed short before, not after treatment.
  • Empty plant saucers as often as possible.

Trust the experts at Inspect-All to handle monthly mosquito treatments to keep mosquitos at bay so you can enjoy the outdoors at your home.