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Green Pest Control in Atlanta

At Inspect-All Pest Services, we provide a pest control program that is both effective and environmentally conscious. Our highly trained and certified green pest control team will come to your home and put together a strategy that incorporates green pest services and proven organic pest control methods through the use of Reduced Risk products and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to rid your home of pests once and for all.

Our Reduced Risk products and Perimeter Defense Pest Control program have proven time and time again to have low or no impact on human health. Through our many specialized programs, you’ll have more peace of mind and can rest assured that our methods and products are safe for humans and pets. Furthermore, they will not contaminate the groundwater and are compatible with national safety and pest eradication standards.

Green Pest Services

The primary goal of our ecological approach is to significantly reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides through the following environmentally conscious programs:

Perimeter Defense Pest Control: With Inspect-All Pest Services, you get an environmentally friendly pest control program that uses earth-based pesticides outside your home to keep pests from getting in. We also use natural products on the inside to keep home occupants safe while keeping pests out. Our program is designed to be applied quarterly with a guarantee between treatments to keep your home free and clear of pests all year round.

3-Step Mosquito Management: You may feel that trying to get rid of mosquitos is hopeless. Well, think again! We implement a 3-step mosquito management program that uses source reduction, larval control, and barrier treatment to remove and prevent mosquitos.

Rodent & Wildlife Exclusion: If you have rodents in your home, you know how pesky these can be. They are also very dangerous. Our solution is 100 percent guaranteed to eliminate entry points to your home and doesn’t use any pesticides at all.

IdealCrawl Crawlspace Solution: Mold and mildew are damaging to your home and can even pose health hazards to you and your family. This solution will improve air quality by encapsulating your crawlspace to help you breathe better and live comfortably.

The certified and highly trained and knowledgeable team at Inspect-All Pest Services is on hand and ready to help you live a more comfortable and peaceful life through green pest control solutions in Atlanta, GA.