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Winterization Services

How do we Winterize homes?

Why Winterize?

Winterization Services

Our winterization services include preparing a vacant home for winter conditions, such as shutting off the main water supply, opening faucets to eliminate air locks, draining water supply lines, and adding environmentally safe antifreeze among other things. 

Our company was recently interviewed by WSB-TV Channel 2 about the importance of winterizing a home.

The winterization process may include some or all of the following:

  • Locate main water supply and close valve
  • Open all water faucets to eliminate air locks
  • Drain all external and internal water supply lines with positive air pressure
  • Locate the water heater and shut off the gas or electric supply
  • Drain the water from the tank and close the valve when tank is drained
  • Place the “refill with water before using” sign on the water heater
  • Fill all drain traps with approximately one cup of environmentally safe antifreeze
  • Place environmentally safe antifreeze in the dishwasher, cycle to assure solution entered the pump

De-winterization Services

The de-winterization process may include some or all of the following:

  • Locate main water shut-off valve, turn it to off position
  • Check drain valve & TPR valve at water heater to ensure they are closed
  • Check laundry connections, make sure both hot and cold water valves are off
  • Walk all bathrooms and kitchens to check faucet positions, turn them off
  • Check exterior hose bibs, ensure they are turned off
  • Turn water on to the property at meter at the street by using a water key
  • Slowly open main water shut-off valve, listen for leaks
  • Restore water to home
  • Light the pilot or turn on the breaker for the water heater (after it has been filled)
  • Turn all water valves at sinks and toilets to on position
  • Remove winterization seals and/or stickers from all appliances and/or fixtures
  • After evaluating water service, turn off main water supply at shut-offs/meter

One of our ASHI Certified Home Inspectors was recently featured on WSB-TV discussing how to protect homes from frigid temperatures.


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