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Beach Bugs and Pests: How to Make Sure They Don’t Ruin Your Fun

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Summer day at the beach - don't let bed bugs destroy your home - Inspect-All Services Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

The last thing you want is for your fun summer beach day to get ruined by beach bugs! While beaches are warm and inviting, they can also be breeding grounds for sand fleas, flies, and even mosquitoes. We know that doesn’t sound fun, so we’ve worked on professional tips to help guarantee a fearless day at the beach for your whole family. Remember to:

Tip #1: Take your bug spray!
Many families and friends remember to take along their sunscreen to the beach but leave the bug spray behind. Take them both! Apply a layer of bug spray to make sure you won’t get bothered, and reapply if the waves wash it off. A traditional DEET spray will work just fine here, but there are plenty of alternatives if you are interested.

Tip #2: Stay away from mosquitoes
Watch where you set up at the beach! While we don’t usually associate mosquitoes with warm sands and waves, if there’s any standing water or slow streams at the beach, then mosquitoes will probably be there too. Stay away from these spots and don’t be afraid to move. Use mosquito repellent as necessary.

Tip #3: Change early
Are you ready to move away from the sand and toward other activities? Bring a change of clothes and switch out of your sandy clothes before getting back into the car. You don’t want to bring along any beach bugs that may linger in your car upholstery for days.

Tip #4: Wash pets and kids outside
If your beach has showers or hoses, wash down yourself and particular your kids and pets: Bugs can easily linger in hair or fur and do more damage when you get home, so give everyone a thorough washing. If there aren’t washing facilities, grab the hose at home and wash everyone down in the lawn!

Tip #5: Toss your clothes in the wash
Those sandy clothes shouldn’t go in the hamper where beach bugs can stay alive. Instead, toss them in the washing machine when you first get home to get them clean and remove any bugs that may have hitched a ride.

Tip #6: If you find bugs or bites, stay calm
Your home is unlikely to get infested with any beach bugs. Mosquitoes and flies won’t make it home with you, especially if you wash up first. Sand fleas are actually crustaceans and can’t survive in your home for long. If you wake up in the morning after a beach day and find itchy bug bites, don’t worry! You probably didn’t carry bugs all the way into your bed �” sand flea bites take about a day to feel (just make sure it’s not bed bugs, an entirely different problem).

Not only do we service the Atlanta area but we are in Jacksonville too. For more information on preventing bug bites and insect problems, head on over to Inspect-All Services: We’re happy to answer your questions!

Beach Bugs and Pests: How to Make Sure They Don’t Ruin Your Fun Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

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