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Cicadas 2024: A Natural Spectacle Unfolds in Georgia

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This year, Georgia and its neighbors are set to experience a mesmerizing natural event. The upcoming cicada emergence is not only rare but also fills the air with a captivating chorus of sounds. Through an exploration of cicada biology, its unusual occurrence, and its ecological significance, we aim to provide insights into the natural world and how such phenomena underscore the interconnectedness of our ecosystem. Join us at Inspect-All Pest Services for a deep dive into the fascinating world of cicadas, examining their extended lifespans, subterranean living habits, environmental impacts, and how we can harmoniously coexist with these insect musicians. 

How Rare Is This Natural Phenomenon?

The year 2024 is significant for Georgia and its neighboring states due to the extraordinary emergence of two cicada broods simultaneously, a phenomenon not observed for over two centuries and not anticipated to recur until 2245. This simultaneous event will occur from mid-May through late June and presents a unique spectacle and learning opportunity.

Cicada Basics

Distinctively, cicadas spend the majority of their lifespan underground, surfacing only for mating and the end of their life cycle. With lifespans ranging between 13 to 17 years, far exceeding that of most insects, their emergence promises an amplified natural concert, enriching this year’s event with their distinctive sounds.

Why Is This Important?

The mass appearance of these two broods might raise eyebrows, but it’s crucial to note that cicadas pose no harm to humans. While young trees and vegetation might be at risk, Inspect-All Pest Services emphasizes the importance of understanding their ecological role to appreciate this phenomenon fully without undue concern.

Dealing With Cicadas

Inspect-All Pest Services advises against comprehensive cicada extermination. For saplings at risk, implementing simple measures like netting can provide adequate protection against these natural visitors.

Be Aware of Potential Cicada Urine Propulsion

While marveling at the spectacle of cicada emergences, it’s essential to note an unusual but noteworthy aspect: the forceful ejection of cicada urine. Cicadas, despite their diminutive stature, are capable of ejecting fluid with notable intensity from minuscule openings. Unlike other insects that feed on xylem and release urine in mere droplets, cicadas can launch their urine at velocities of up to three meters per second, surpassing the capabilities of some larger creatures! This distinctive action stems from the cicadas’ need to process large quantities of xylem, as releasing urine in droplets would be too energy-intensive. Therefore, should you find yourself unexpectedly wet on a clear day during the cicada season, it’s likely you’ve encountered a cicada’s rapid urine spray from the foliage overhead.

Looking Ahead

The dual emergence of cicada broods offers more than a sensory experience; it is a testament to the delicate equilibrium and complexity of nature. It’s an opportunity to learn, adapt, and live in sync with the natural world, celebrating a phenomenon that links us across centuries.

We invite you to join Inspect-All Pest Services in witnessing this extraordinary natural gift. This event is not merely an occurrence but a profound lesson in the resilience and balance of our ecological systems, offering a unique perspective on our place within the natural order.

Cicadas 2024: A Natural Spectacle Unfolds in Georgia Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

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