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Do’s and Don’ts of House Pest Control

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Are you looking for methods for killing pests and keeping them out of your house for good? Cockroaches are some of the most common, unwanted, and disease-ridden pests you should be worried about. If you’re interested in effective methods for cockroach pest control, there are a few pointers that you should follow, and some actions that you must avoid.

These are the dos and don’ts of home pest control:

Do: Prevention First

Prevention is the best form of control. The best way to prevent pests is by removing the conditions that would most attract them. For instance, cockroaches have an incredible sense of smell and can locate any and all exposed food particles in your home. Keep food sealed in tight containers, and clean your kitchen counters on a daily basis. Keep all trash in a bin with a tight lid. Avoid eating in rooms that aren’t designated for doing so, like your bedroom or office. Don’t leave pet food out overnight.

Don’t: Let Water Accumulate

Pest control companies in Atlanta, GA, recommend that you keep standing water out of your house and yard. Indoors, standing water can attract thirsty insects and rodents. Outdoors, standing water can attract dangerous wasps, mosquitoes, and flies. Fix clogged sinks and tubs, don’t let dishwater sit in pots and pans, and avoid keeping a birdbath or fountain, unless the water can be cycled.

Do: Invest in Repairs

Home repairs are essential for keeping pests out. Invest in fixing drafts around doors and windows, and fix holes that expose your attic or basement to the outdoors. A space the size of a coin can welcome insects and even small rodents. Fix leaky pipes, and make sure your appliances don’t leak moisture. The pest control cost can be much higher than these simple fixes, especially in the event of crisis like a cockroach infestation.

Don’t: Apply Your Own Pesticides

Pesticides can be dangerous and deceptively complex to use, especially if you aren’t trained in home pest control services. They need to be applied correctly to prevent harm and to be effective. Failure to follow strict pesticide standards can result in illness to yourself, your family, or your pets. For instance, you must never, ever re-use pesticide containers or hoses for any other purpose. Note that pesticides may be ineffective without first baiting pests, or taking efforts to keep pests out. Overusing pesticides can actually do more harm to you than the pests themselves.

Do: Trust in Professionals

If you’re concerned about dangerous pests like cockroaches, contact professional cockroach pest control in Atlanta, GA, for safe and effective solutions. Professionals know pests, and can assess your home for custom solutions that you can rely on. They won’t just kill the pests that you have trouble with now, they’ll prevent future pests from getting inside.

Do’s and Don’ts of House Pest Control Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

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