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How Does Infrared Pest Detection Treatment Work?

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Pest-detection technologies have come a long way over the years. That’s great news, since identifying an infestation by sight alone leaves much to be desired. It’s easy for someone to overlook telltale signs of pests. That’s true even for people with training and experience. Additionally, it isn’t uncommon to misjudge the size or severity of an infestation Fortunately, implementing the latest detection tools can alleviate much of the error and frustration. Infrared technology has revolutionized pest-control work. As a result, pest detection is more accurate and more reliable than ever before.

The Science

An infrared (IR) camera is used to identify surface-level infrared radiation. In short, it detects signs of heat. All objects emit heat, and living creatures are able to be detected quite effectively. This even enables the identifying of heat sources behind walls and under floorboards, which makes an IR camera excellent for pest detection. An IR camera is at its best when used in ideal conditions, such as inside a building, where it’s relatively dry and cool. Other sources of heat can make it less dependable.

Unfortunately, an IR camera doesn’t double as a handy do-it-yourself tool. The cameras used are professional grade, so they’re not inexpensive. They also need to be calibrated correctly for temperature range and sensitivity. It may sound exciting to go investigating on your own, but it would be costly and largely ineffective. Without the training and proper adjustments made to the equipment, it would probably turn out to be a costly waste of your time.

Looking through floorboards and walls isn’t just something cool to do, it’s also very helpful. This allows pet detection to be minimally invasive. Without an IR camera, the only way to locate a nest in the walls is to break open the walls. No technician wants to needlessly damage your property. An IR camera preserves your homes, while simultaneously allowing the pest-control expert to track down any infestation.

Infrared detection is superb for termites and carpenter ants. Termites love to build their nests inside walls, and carpenter ants are prone to similar behavior. When combating termites, it’s essential to know just how far the nest has spread. An IR camera makes that a much easier process. Larger rodents, such as rats or mice, are know to hide behind walls and use various nooks and crannies for navigation. Their heat signatures are relatively easy to detect, so tracking them is much easier with the aid of an IR camera.

Other indicators of pest problems can be identified as well. Moisture can lead to mold, and it creates an inviting environment for a number of different pests. Areas of hidden moisture can be located with an IR camera, as can gaps in your insulation. Insulation gaps are sometimes caused by rodents maneuvering behind walls, so it’s quite beneficial to be able to find them. An infrared home inspection in Atlanta, GA, is one of the most accurate and least invasive ways to locate and identify pests in your home.

How Does Infrared Pest Detection Treatment Work? Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

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