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Joro Spiders: A New Visitor in Georgia?

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Picture a moment in your garden, a tranquil retreat, until a sizable spider catches your eye, its web sprawling across the expanse between trees. Far from the common spiders, you’re accustomed to, this one is vast, imposing, and entirely unfamiliar. Could this be the Joro Spider, an orb-weaver species that’s garnered attention for appearing in numerous eastern U.S. states, now including Atlanta, GA?

Let’s explore the fascinating world of the Joro spider in more depth, addressing any concerns or questions you might have about this distinctive newcomer. We’ll consider whether its presence signals the need for professional spider extermination services, ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your tranquil outdoor oasis.

What Does the Joro Spider Look Like?

The Joro Spider’s size and striking colors make it impossible to overlook. Owing to sexual dimorphism, there’s a significant visual difference between males and females, making each encounter with these spiders a unique experience.

Here’s how to tell male and female Joro spiders apart:


  • Size: Large, with a body length of about 0.75-1 inch and a leg span of up to 4 inches.
  • Color: Bright yellow and blue body with distinctive red markings.
  • Web: Builds large, intricate webs that can span up to 10 feet.


  • Size: Much smaller than females.
  • Color: Darker, less vibrant, with more subdued colors.
  • Web: Does not build webs as females do.

Also, the webs of Joro Spiders are quite distinct in themselves. They are large, golden, and incredibly strong, capable of trapping a variety of insects.

Where is the Joro Spider Found?

Noted for their adaptability, Joro Spiders have been found in diverse habitats, challenging the assumption that they require expansive natural spaces to thrive. Their presence near urban areas and highways is peculiar for a species that hunts using web vibrations, indicating their ability to adapt and flourish in varied environments.

Is the Joro Spider Dangerous?

Despite their size and foreboding appearance, Joro spiders are not deemed a significant threat to humans. Their fangs, although capable of biting, are small, and they tend to avoid confrontations. Thus, the anxiety they may provoke is more about their massive appearance rather than any real danger they pose.

Where Did the Joro Spider Come From?

The Joro Spider, originally from East Asia, is thought to have been accidentally introduced to the U.S. through shipping containers. This accidental migration explains their initial sightings near ports and their gradual spread across the eastern seaboard.

The Future of the Joro Spider in Atlanta, GA

It seems the Joro Spider has found a new home in Atlanta, GA, with its adaptability and breeding success suggesting it’s here to stay, potentially expanding its presence further.

Got Questions About Spiders?

The Joro Spider, with its size and exotic look, might initially instill fear. However, it’s crucial to remember they pose little to no harm to humans. Their emergence in Atlanta, GA symbolizes the dynamic shifts within our local ecosystems. Need assistance with spider removal or other pest concerns? Contact us today for expert advice and solutions. Let us help you restore peace of mind and enjoy a pest-free environment.