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Musophobia: Are You Afraid of Mice?

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Does the thought of mice in your home make your stomach sink? If there’s a mouse in the room, is your first instinct to get out? These are symptoms of common musophobia, a fear of rodents. It’s no surprise that people with musophobia are no fans of rodent infestations or problems within the house; it makes sense! Rodents are bad news for a home, and these fears come with an interesting history.

Musophobia: A fear with sensible origins

While it may seem a little irrational for a large human to be afraid of a very small mouse, this fear actually has a long history that goes back thousands of years. Rodents and humans have been living together for longer than we’ve had pets, seeking out human habitations for food and a warm place to live.

These pests cause plenty of problems, including leaving their waste in your home. Rodents create an amazing amount of waste for their size, and along with waste comes parasites. Parasites can jump from rodents to humans, create problems like the bubonic plague, along with many other diseases. Rodents also ruin valuable food, tear apart clothes and fabric to make nests, and trouble us in other ways.

It’s not unusual to inherit a fear of mouse and rat species from our ancestors. On the contrary, that fear has probably kept a lot of people safe over the centuries, whether it meant avoiding disease or saving precious winter clothes. Rodents may be small mammals, but the problems they cause are very human-sized.

Rodents and your health

Now that we’ve talked about why rodents are bad news, it’s time to look at the good news. Disease and parasite problems from rodents are very rare these days. Even in large cities where rats multiply, rodent-based illnesses are uncommon due to better hygiene and improved building construction. Mice and rats also have problems getting to our clothing, thanks to the invention of clothes hangers. They are also unlikely to destroy much more than insulation or carpet in an average home. The problems that rodents create are usually easier to deal with than smaller destructive pests like termites and carpenter ants.

Held back by your fear?

If musophobia is affecting your personal or work life, professional therapy and counseling can offer family-friendly solutions that can help reduce fear of rodents. If you are fine with mice as long as they aren’t in your house, consider an inspection and exclusion service to help make sure these pests stay out of your home.