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Steps to Prepare Your House for Pest Control

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Dead cockroach on a kitchen table - prevent cockroaches from invading your kitchen with Inspect-All Services Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

Having to deal with pests in the home can be a harrowing experience. With the potential for damage and disease – not to mention the repugnance of the whole thing – you want to be rid of any infestation as quickly as possible. But, once you’ve hired a certified home inspection in Atlanta, GA, and you’ve determined you need your pests exterminated, there are a few simple tasks you must do so that your home is ready, and the pests can be effectively removed.

Preparing for Cockroach Removal

One of the most important things you can do – and a common theme – is to thoroughly clean your home before the exterminators arrive. Usually, professional exterminators will use gel bait insecticides to lure and kill the cockroaches. Any food that you may have lying around could lure the cockroaches away from the bait and towards the food. A thorough cleaning, particularly where food is commonly prepared or stored in the kitchen, is the best thing you can do to increase the insecticide’s effectiveness. Also, inform the exterminator if anyone in the family has any allergies, and stay out of the affected area for as long as they recommend.

Preparing for Flea Removal

As with cockroaches, you’ll want to make sure the home is clean. This means, in particular, washing all pet bedding if not destroying it, and vacuuming everywhere. If your pet is to be treated for fleas, be sure to bathe and treat them at the same time as you call in pest control professionals.

Preparing for Ant Removal

Similar to cockroaches, ants are attracted to the food in your house, so you will need to clean your home – particularly your kitchen and cupboards – so that you’re not tempting the ants away from the gel bait insecticides the exterminator is likely to use.

Preparing for Rodent Removal

Don’t be fooled if you only see one rat or mouse. The odds are extraordinarily high that means you have a community of rodents hiding somewhere in the house. Before the exterminators arrive, repair any holes in walls or around baseboards. Don’t expect the holes to resemble the Gothic arches you see in cartoons. Any hole or crack should be sealed.

Preparing for Termite Removal

Once the inspector has indicated the affected area, pull all furniture at least three feet away from the wall. If it’s in a closet, pull all your clothing out, or at least cover to protect from the dust that results from drilling in the walls.

Preparing for Bed Bug Removal

To keep a bed bug infestation from coming back after extermination, you’re going to have to clean very thoroughly. That means removing all linens and washing them in the hottest water possible, and all toys, shoes, clothing, and stored material needs to be picked up off the floor and the furniture throughout the home and not returned until the process is finished.

Once you’ve ordered a home inspection quote in Atlanta, GA, and have scheduled your professional pest removal service, following these few simple pointers will go a long way towards ridding your home of troublesome pests.

Steps to Prepare Your House for Pest Control Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

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