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Why Your Home Needs Radon Testing

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A dangerous and intense chemical, radon may be present in your own home. There are many reasons why this may happen. It can even enter your home through your water supply. Many home inspection companies recommend that you have a professional radon test to determine if a dangerous quantity of this harsh chemical is inside your house. Why should you invest in a radon home inspection in Atlanta, GA? These are some of the top reasons why this should be very important to you.

Pre-Sale Tests May Be Invalid

Many homes are sold with radon test results included. However, many of these pre-sale tests are made improperly or even have fraudulent results. The homeowners knew that radon was high in the home and drafted false home inspection results in order to cover this up. After you move into a new home, it’s a good idea to conduct a re-test for radon according to proper methods and testing protocol.

Test in Winter

If you tested your home in the summer, you may want to conduct a re-test during the winter, too. Radon levels tend to vary between the seasons and with the changing temperatures. Therefore, your radon levels may actually be highest in the winter. Test the radon levels in your home when they have the highest chance of being dangerously concentrated.

Structural Changes

If you’ve made updates or changes to your home, you may have accidentally increased the radon levels inside your house. Changes to the house’s structure, heating and cooling systems, and exterior cladding materials can commonly lead to a spike in radon levels. Conduct a radon test after making these changes. You might find very different results.

Radon Fluctuates

Even if you’ve conducted a previous radon test according to proper protocol, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in the clear. After all, radon levels can fluctuate for many reasons, and a new test performed according to proper methods may produce different results. This may not mean that one test was necessarily flawed; rather, it indicates that radon has fluctuated for one of many reasons, a few of which have already been covered. Thankfully, radon home inspection prices are fairly low, so conducting simultaneous tests in different rooms and on different levels of the home for an extended period is a worthwhile investment.

Detector May Be Installed Incorrectly

Radon detectors should be installed according to specific standards in order to produce accurate results. If there was a problem with the placement of a detector or with the detector itself, then you may be doing yourself harm by trusting in inaccurate test results. The detector should be placed at least 20 inches above the floor of any given room, and at least 4 inches from any other objects. The EPA recommends that you follow these test standards in order to accurately test for radon levels. Again, the home inspection cost is reasonable enough to warrant a re-test if your previous one was flawed.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, contact a local team for a radon home inspection in Atlanta, GA. Testing accurately and frequently protects you and your family from the dangerous health effects of radon.

Why Your Home Needs Radon Testing Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

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