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Little Brown Bat


Actual Size: 3-4” total length with a wingspan of 8-11”

Characteristics: Small mouse-eared bats with a variety of fur colors possible and usually lighter color belly fur. They have a short snout and females are larger than males.

Habitat: They favor roost sites in caves, trees, rocks, woodpiles, and buildings, which can pose potential hazards, particularly for suburban homes.


  • Their lifespan typically ranges from 6 to 7 years in the wild, although some have been known to live into their teens.
  • They seek shelter in hollow trees or buildings during the daytime.
  • These creatures are nocturnal, hunting for insect prey throughout the night.

Little Brown Bat

Little Brown Bats in Atlanta, GA

Aptly named, little brown bats weigh under half an ounce and rank among the smallest bat species. They inhabit various regions but are more prevalent in the northern U.S., including [state]. Typically non-territorial, they thrive in colonies that can number in the thousands, congregating at roosting sites for nesting. Little brown bats employ echolocation to locate their insect prey.

Little Brown Bat Habitat

Little brown bats are widespread across Atlanta, GA. They embark on extensive migrations, covering hundreds of miles from their summer habitats to their winter roosting sites which are known as hibernaculum. These bats typically favor caves, trees, rocks, woodpiles, and buildings as their roosting spots, posing potential risks to suburban homes.

Little Brown Bat Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Using echolocation, similar to ship sonar, they pinpoint the location and size of their prey. To prevent malnourishment, these bats need to consume at least half their body weight in insects. Little brown bats are nocturnal, reaching their peak activity a few hours after dusk. They often roost in buildings, emphasizing the importance of prevention methods. Bats have the potential to spread diseases, including rabies. While they’re not typically aggressive, they may bite if handled. If a bat finds its way into your building, avoid approaching or handling it yourself, and contact a professional pest control company for assistance.