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Actual Size: ¾ to 1”

Characteristics: Hairy body, black usually with yellow or white bands.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Habitat: They nest in the ground but are also commonly found in soffits or attics. These ants can often be spotted in patio areas or around decks.


  • Crucial to the environment as pollinators, they do not yield significant amounts of honey. 
  • Unlike honeybees, bumblebees survive their stings. 
  • Similar to Carpenter bees in appearance, yet bumblebees have hairy abdomens, whereas carpenter bees possess smoother abdomens.


Bumblebees in Atlanta, GA

Bumblebees are sizable and sturdy insects covered in intricately branched setae (hairs). They sport short, stout wings and play a vital role as pollinators for various crops and ornamental plants. As per the National Wildlife Federation, their wings beat at a rate of at least 130 times per second. This rapid beating aids in vibrating flowers to release pollen, a process known as buzz pollination, significantly enhancing fruit production in plants.

Bumblebee Habitat

Bumblebee colonies are typically modest, housing anywhere from a dozen to several hundred workers. These bees commonly nest underground, utilizing abandoned rodent burrows and shallow crevices beneath patio stones, landscaping timber, compost heaps, and within dense patches of grass. Above ground, they seek refuge in deserted bird nests and insulated structural gaps linked to exterior walls, patio coverings, and decks.

Bumblebee Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Bumblebees are typically docile insects, stinging only in response to provocation, often when their nest is disturbed. Unlike honeybees, only female bumblebees possess stingers and can sting repeatedly. Although capable of multiple stings, bumblebees don’t form swarms akin to honeybees. While a bumblebee sting is generally less painful than that of a honeybee, it can pose risks if it occurs on sensitive areas like the head or neck or for those allergic to their venom. Due to their defensive nature, homeowners are encouraged to enlist the expertise of a professional bee removal service instead of attempting to manage the infestation independently.