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Stink Bug


Actual Size: ¾”

Characteristics: Marbled grayish-brown

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: 2 pairs

Habitat: Outdoors, stink bugs are found near trees. Inside, they will congregate in sun-lit areas.


  • Stink bugs emit a putrid smell when crushed, frightened or disturbed.
  • Stink bugs can cause severe damage to several crops, including fruit trees.
  • During fall, stink bugs will sometimes enter homes in large numbers to overwinter.
Stink Bug

Stink Bugs in Atlanta, GA

The stink bug is a large insect recognized by its distinctive oval or shield shape and characteristic odor producing abilities. The name “stink bug” is derived from the defensive mechanism these insects employ when threatened or crushed, releasing a foul smelling odor as a deterrent to predators. These insects feed on a wide range of plants. Stink bugs can become a nuisance during the fall as they seek warmth. Drawn to the south side of structures on autumn days, these insects are in search of sites for shelter. In large numbers, they can infiltrate homes, becoming an unwelcome presence for residents.

Stink Bug Habitat

In their natural habitat, stink bugs pass the winter by seeking refuge in crevices or beneath the peeling bark of mature or deceased trees. During early autumn, these insects actively search for suitable wintering sites. Outdoors, they commonly inhabit the exteriors of buildings, as well as leaf litter and vegetation. When stink bugs infiltrate homes, they tend to gather in proximity to doors, windows, and other entry points. Their preference is for narrow hiding spaces, particularly in elevated and cool locations. Stink bugs can be discovered in crevices beneath or behind baseboards and in the vicinity of ceiling fans, ventilation fans, or ceiling lights. Come spring, adults transition from their overwintering sites to host plants.

Stink Bug Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Stink bugs pose no threat of biting or stinging and are harmless to people, homes, and pets. Despite their non-dangerous nature, they are known for being noisy and emitting a distinct, pungent odor. Homeowners may be understandably concerned when stink bugs invade their homes in significant numbers. It’s important to note that while these insects do not reproduce or inflict damage within structures, they release a strong odor if crushed or disturbed, potentially causing stains on surfaces. If you’re experiencing a stink bug issue on your property in Atlanta, GA, it is recommended to reach out to the experts at Inspect-All Pest Services for assistance.