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Actual Size: Larvae – 1”; Moth – 1 ½’

Characteristics: Webworms are the caterpillar (larva) stage of webworm moths. Webworm caterpillars are yellowish and striped; moths are white and fuzzy.

Legs: Yes

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Adult moths have wings

Habitat: During late summer and early autumn, the webworm larvae build unsightly webs on the outer tips of tree branches as they feed.


  • Webworm caterpillars construct large unsightly webs on trees.
  • They feed on the leaves of at least 80 species of shade, nut and fruit trees.
  • Although the webs of webworms are unsightly, they do not harm otherwise healthy trees.

Webworms in Atlanta, GA

The webworm is a moth species with a distinctive larval stage behavior. The larvae is known for constructing conspicuous communal webs on the branches of various trees, creating a characteristic tent-like structure. These webs serve as protective shelters for the caterpillars as they feed on the surrounding foliage. The webworm caterpillars can consume a wide range of host plants, which has contributed to their adaptability and successful establishment in various ecosystems. Although they don’t cause permanent damage, their webs can be unsightly in large amounts.

Webworm Habitat

Webworms thrive in various ecosystems, including forests, orchards, and urban areas. As they lay several hundred eggs on the undersides of leaves. When the eggs hatch, young larvae construct a nest by webbing leaves together. The larvae feed on foliage enclosed by the nest, which expands as the larvae develop. Infestations are most common on trees growing in open areas, such as along roadsides, in yards and on forest edges. Webworms have demonstrated a remarkable capacity to adapt to and colonize various habitats.

Webworm Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Webworms do not bite and are not poisonous. Despite the unsightly nature of their webs, they generally inflict minimal harm to trees. Most trees are already preparing for winter dormancy, so few energy reserves or nutrients are lost. Property owners often prefer to eliminate their nests.  If you are dealing with a webworm issue on your property in Atlanta, GA, it is advisable to reach out to the experts at Inspect-All Pest Services for assistance.