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Gray Squirrel

Actual Size: Head and body 8 to 10” long; bushy tails 7.5 to 10” long.

Characteristics: Grayish to grayish-brown; white or grayish below.

Habitat: Found in the trees in a variety of locations, from big cities to woodlands.


  • Can build an entire nest in a single day.
  • Capable of spreading bacterial diseases to humans.
  • Eats around one and a half pounds of nuts or seeds each week.

Gray Squirrel

Gray Squirrels in Atlanta, GA

Also known as tree squirrels for their preferred habitat, gray squirrels are small rodents with fluffy tails. They spend most of their time outdoors where they climb trees foraging for food. Gray squirrels are found nearly anywhere that there are plenty of trees, including busy urban areas and secluded forests. These rodents eat a wide variety of foods including tree bark, buds, berries, and some species of fungi. That said, they prefer nuts and seeds, consuming roughly one and a half pounds each week.

Gray Squirrel Habitat

Gray squirrels primarily build two different types of nests: dreys and tree dens. Dreys are leafy nests located in the top fork of a tree, which the squirrels primarily use during the summer. In colder months, the squirrels move to tree dens, which are usually located in an empty cavity. Since gray squirrels can build a nest in a single day, they frequently move from location to location. When temperatures drop, they may even seek shelter in warmer places like attics. If they sneak indoors, they can gnaw on things like electrical wiring, which often causes power shortages or, in some cases, fires.

Gray Squirrel Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Unlike some other types of pests, squirrels do not hibernate in the winter. They use their nests to rest and stay warm during the colder season. While you may be tempted to remove a nest if you spot one on your property, don’t approach it on your own; gray squirrels are known for biting or attacking when provoked, especially if they are protecting their young. Since these rodents can carry dangerous bacterial diseases, a bite could cause serious or lasting health consequences. For that reason, we strongly recommend contacting your local pest control experts who have the right tools and experience to safely remove the squirrels.