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Brown Recluse Spider


Actual Size: ⅜”

Characteristics: Light to dark brown, violin marking behind the head.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Brown recluse spiders tend to inhabit dry, sheltered areas like closets, attics, and dark corners within buildings.


  • True to their name, these spiders are reclusive and avoid human activity.
  • Also commonly called the ‘fiddleback’ or ‘violin’ spider due to their markings.
  • Tend to hide in sheltered areas like cracks and crevices beneath rocks.

Brown Recluse Spiders in Atlanta, GA

The brown recluse spider, identified by its violin-shaped marking behind its head, is a shy and elusive arachnid found across North America. Though brown recluses are the most common recluse spider in the United States, they are an over-reported species that are a lot more rare than most people realize. That said, these spiders do have a venomous bite that can lead to problems like necrotic lesions, which causes tissue death near the site of the bite.

Brown Recluse Spider Habitat

The brown recluse spider lives up to its name by hiding in low-traffic areas where they’re unlikely to be disturbed. Outdoors, they usually stay beneath rocks or inside of loose bark on a tree. In rare cases, they may sneak indoors where they’re often drawn to rough surfaces like cardboard or wood. Since many human structures offer plenty of hiding places, brown recluse spiders may be found around your property in cluttered spaces like tarps, rubber tires, and old storage boxes.

Brown Recluse Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Many people are afraid of brown recluses because of their venomous bite. Though these spiders much prefer to run away than attack, they may bite if they feel threatened or trapped. Their venom is capable of causing necrotic skin damage, which may lead to severe wounds; that said, many bites just leave behind a small pimple-like spot that resolves on its own. If you suspect you are having a reaction to a spider bite, be sure to seek immediate medical attention. Keep finding brown recluse spiders around your property, or just want to make sure you’re home is protected against these pests? Contact your local spider exterminator for help.