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Sac Spider


Actual Size: ¼ to ⅜”

Characteristics: Tan legs and head, yellow abdomen.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Drawn to outdoor spaces like gardens or forests, but may sneak inside during cold winters for warmth.


  • Got its name for its habit of building sac-shaped nests.
  • Looks similar to the brown recluse, but doesn’t have a fiddle-shaped marking.
  • Has a painful bite, but is not dangerous to those without a specific allergy.

Sac Spider

Sac Spiders in The Atlanta, GA

Sac spiders are small, pale spiders with elongated bodies and eight eyes arranged in two rows. They derive their name from the small silk sacs or retreats they construct for shelter, often found in corners of buildings, between leaves, or under bark. Sac spiders come in various colors, ranging from yellow to pale green or tan. These spiders are nocturnal hunters, using silk draglines to navigate and construct retreats while actively foraging for prey at night.

Sac Spider Habitat

These spiders construct silken retreats or sacs in sheltered spots where they rest during the day and lay eggs. Sac spiders are nocturnal predators, preying on small insects like ants, moths, flies, and other spiders. They actively hunt at night, using their silk draglines to move around and ambush prey. Sac spiders inject venom to immobilize their prey and then feed on the liquefied insides of their victims. While they generally prefer outdoor habitats, their occasional presence indoors can occur when seeking shelter, especially during colder months, making them an occasional household pest.

Sac Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

While not aggressive, sac spiders might bite if disturbed or threatened, though their bites are usually mild and cause localized pain, redness, and swelling, rarely resulting in severe symptoms. In rare cases, some people might experience more pronounced symptoms or allergic reactions.  These spiders also look similar to brown recluses, making them frightening to come across; however, they lack the distinctive fiddle-shaped markings that brown recluses have. If you keep finding sac spiders on your property, get in touch with your local spider exterminators to have them quickly removed.