rat-with-cheese-534984445.jpgWhen you see a rodent in your home, your first instinct is to jump into action and try to eliminate the problem right then and there. It's an understandable impulse, but unfortunately, it's often not the right one. Unless you have experience, odds are that you don't have the necessary tools or skills to solve the problem.

It's also not the best idea to let the family cat go after the creature. While your cat is sure to have the instincts needed to be an excellent hunter, catching a rat can be harmful to your feline friend. If your cat gets bitten in the chase, any disease the rodent carries could be passed on to your beloved pet. Getting rid of rats is great, but not if it means a visit to the vet.

So, how do you solve the problem? Simple: get a professional to do a home pest inspection in Atlanta, GA, and trust their expertise. Here's why you need a pro to get you the proper solution!

Rats Are Rarely Alone

If you've ever owned a pet rat, you know two things about them: they're intelligent and social creatures. Rats don't like to be alone for too long, and that holds for wild rats just as it does for pets. If you see one rat in your home, there's a good chance there's another that's not too far away. You might get the first rat, but if there's another rat hanging around, you've still got a problem and you've got the complacency of thinking the job is done, making for a lose-lose situation.


Professionals Have the Right Equipment

Not only do rodents carry diseases and pests on their own, but certain traps can also transmit these if pets pick up. If you set out something to kill a rat, it's very easy to forget to keep your pets away from the area, which could lead to them unintentionally getting sick.

By contrast, a professional has all the sanitary equipment needed to handle any pest control job. Even for something as simple as home inspection services in Atlanta, GA, a professional always brings the right equipment to clean up anything that could be harmful to anyone in the home who matters to you.

Professionals Know How to Use the Equipment

So, you've found the best traps for a rodent, and you've read the reviews for how to set them and how well they work. Great! Now, where are you going to put the trap?

Unfortunately, you can't find that answer on the internet. Unless you know the previous owners of your house and can ask them for advice, nobody knows how to handle pest issues in your home without seeing it first. A professional can examine your home and decide exactly where to put the traps so that they're most effective. There won't be any guesswork involved; you'll simply maximize your efforts to catch the rodent.

Any rodent problem requires action, but it's important that it's a smart action that's well thought out. Calling a professional for a home pest inspection in Atlanta, GA, is a great first step to crafting a solution. Once you've got a plan in place, you can eliminate your rodent problem for good! Give us a call today (770) 483-2808.