stink-bug-484728198.jpgIf you're a homeowner in the southern United States, you know that summer brings a constant onslaught of bugs and pests looking to get out of the heat and build a shelter. Though you may hope that the end of the warm season signals the end of pests, that couldn't be further from the truth. Because fall and winter in Georgia are more temperate than in many parts of the United States, many pests can survive (and thrive!) during the months when you least expect them. Here are five of the most common types of cold-weather insects to watch out for.

1. Fire Ants

Fire ants are one of the most common pest problems in the south. Fall and winter are among the most frequent times that homeowners will notice nests or the signs of a potential fire ant infestation.

2. Stink Bugs

While certainly not the most aggressive or dangerous insect species by any measure, stink bugs can be a frustrating infestation all the same. These cold-weather insects can leave you puzzling over how they got into your home and wondering how to deal with the putrid scent that emanates if you squish them. They’re harmless, so you can shoo them outside without squishing them.

3. Flies

You may associate buzzing house flies with a warm summer, but these pests certainly qualify as cold-weather insects. Familiar to virtually any homeowner in the South, flies are among the most frustrating infestations. Thankfully, you can help prevent them with fairly simple steps, including throwing away spoiled food quickly and keeping your unscreened doors and windows closed most of the time.

4. Spiders

As the weather cools, these eight-legged cold-weather insects will try to make their way into your home in hopes of staying warm. To help keep them at bay, clean any cobwebs you find and, where possible, eliminate dark spaces where spiders like to hide.

5. Kudzu Bugs

These strange little oblong bugs can often find their way inside during the winter. Once in, kudzu bugs can lay their eggs on vinyl, brick or other surfaces and end up as permanent residents. Though they're small, they can cause big problems in your home.

Winter is a time for fun and relaxation, but don't forget to protect your home from insect pests. Along with a variety of cold-weather insects, rodents such as mice and rats also want to escape the cooling temperatures and seek shelter in homes. Thankfully, you can protect your home during these less busy seasons. If you notice unwanted pests, contact an exterminator for help inspecting the area, seal your home and deal with any existing pest problems immediately.

To speak with pest control experts who understand the unique problems of Southern homeowners, contact Inspect-All Services today. Our professionals have all the tools necessary to identify and treat any infestations that might be in your home. We can even help prevent future infestations by safeguarding your home from pests.