eaten-wood-583676769.jpgTermites could be damaging your home right now, and you may not have a clue. A home pest inspection in Atlanta, GA, can determine if termites have invaded your home. If termites are present, a trained technician will use the Sentricon® baiting system to eliminate the termites and make sure they don't return.

The Damage

Termites invade millions of homes in the United States. Termites can do substantial damage to a house's foundation. Termites infest wooden homes. They also can make their way through plaster and metal siding. Once inside your home, they can destroy wooden cabinets, floors, and furniture. Most insurance policies don't cover termite damage, so you can find yourself having to pay a hefty price to repair the damage and get rid of the termites. Get home inspection services to make sure your home is free of termites.


The Process

Termites live in colonies. A colony may consist of a few hundred termites, or there could be millions. Worker termites hunt for food. When they find a source, they leave a trail to the termite colony. The Sentricon® baiting system beats the termites at their own game. Bait is placed in Sentricon® pods 8 to 10 feet from your home. The worker termites are drawn to the bait, they begin to die, and the remaining termites can't survive on their own. To grow, termites go through a molting process, which is stopped by the active ingredient in the Sentricon® bait.


What are some advantages of the Sentricon® baiting system over other methods of treating termites?

  • Sentricon® eliminates the whole colony of termites. Once the worker termites don't provide food, the other termites die. Other treatments only "manage" or "control" termites. That means they may only reduce the number of termites, not eliminate the colony altogether.
  • Sentricon® is safe on the environment. Your soil is not saturated with chemicals. The Sentricon® pods are planted into the ground. It's not necessary to dig up the ground, and no damage is done to your lawn or soil. Sentricon® has been awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award by the Environmental Protection Agency. There's no drilling that can damage your foundation or your floors.
  • Once the termites are gone, the Sentricon® pods remain to make sure that no termites return. The system uses a constant supply of bait and can be serviced as needed on an annual basis.
  • You can find a company that uses Certified Sentricon® Specialists to handle your termite needs.
  • If you sell your house, you can transfer the service to the buyer at no charge.
  • The Sentricon® pods can only be opened with a special key. Your children can't tamper with them. There are no chemicals. This treatment is safe for your children and your pets.
  • The Sentricon® system works on all types of termites.
  • Your home is in good company. The Sentricon® baiting system is used by such places as the White House, the Statute of Liberty, and Independence Hall.

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