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What Exactly Is a Termite Bond?

termites on wood with Inspect-All Services Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

If you’ve looked at pest control services before, you may have seen a reference to termite bonds. What is this bond, and when do you need it? We’ve got an FAQ for you! What is a Termite Bond? A termite bond is a warranty between you and a termite company, a little like a maintenance […]

Joro Spiders: A New Visitor in Georgia?

Joro spider with Inspect-All Services Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

Picture a moment in your garden, a tranquil retreat, until a sizable spider catches your eye, its web sprawling across the expanse between trees. Far from the common spiders, you’re accustomed to, this one is vast, imposing, and entirely unfamiliar. Could this be the Joro Spider, an orb-weaver species that’s garnered attention for appearing in […]

Cicadas 2024: A Natural Spectacle Unfolds in Georgia

Cicada Swarms with Inspect-All Services Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

This year, Georgia and its neighbors are set to experience a mesmerizing natural event. The upcoming cicada emergence is not only rare but also fills the air with a captivating chorus of sounds. Through an exploration of cicada biology, its unusual occurrence, and its ecological significance, we aim to provide insights into the natural world […]

Benefits of Growing Bermuda Grass

A closeup of Bermuda grass - Inspect-All Services in Atlanta, GA

Everybody’s lawn is slightly different. Some people have more shade than others, many people have different types or qualities of soil on their property. That’s why finding the right type of grass for your lawn is so important. Some grasses are better able to handle certain conditions than other types of grass. Bermuda grass (Cynodon […]

5 Feasible Ways to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes

Woman spraying bug repellant on her arm - stop getting mosquito bits in your yard with Inspect-All Services Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

When it comes to pest control, you may be most worried about mice, rats, or roaches. These gross pests are some of the most maligned creatures that happen to find their way into homes. But there are pests that are even worse than these, like mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they’re dangerous. They’re some of […]

What You Should Know about Fire Ants

Fire ants pulling food to their nest - Stop ants from taking over your backyard with Inspect-All Services Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

There are many species of ants that are native to North America. Certain species have been introduced from other countries to combat another species, such as termites. Ants come in varied shades of black, brown, and red, and many aren’t much more than a nuisance that can be eliminated with pest control methods. The red […]