spraying crevice-516814925.jpgContrary to popular belief, insects invading your home is not just a summer problem. When the temperature drops, more and more pests like ants, cockroaches, wasps, beetles, and stink bugs can try to find their way into your home to stay warm. Most homeowners, however, believe they have more insects in their homes during the summer, leaving them unprepared for autumn pests. Follow the steps below to keep these insects out of your home this fall and winter.

Seal It Up

Cold weather makes it more difficult for insects to find food, water, and shelter outdoors. This need is what drives them into your home. One way to prevent them from entering your home is by sealing any cracks or holes through which they may enter. Use caulk to seal small cracks in the walls and around fixtures. Next, weatherproof the windows and doors to seal off these potential entrances. Walk around your home, looking for leaks and gaps that lead to the exterior of the house. Seal up these holes that would otherwise allow larger pests like rodents and bats to get in.

Strengthen Your Defense

When you are sealing up the cracks in your home, you may miss a spot or two. This is why it’s a good idea to use a variety of other defensive products to protect your home. Focus on keeping your home clean by sweeping the floors, wiping the counters, and storing food in insect-proof containers. Doing so will keep pests from being attracted to your home and limit their access to food and water.


You can also purchase a long-lasting indoor/outdoor pesticide product to spray around the perimeter of your home and around larger entrances. There are also products you can use on more sensitive indoor areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Follow the instructions on the product to guard against pests and protect hard to reach crevices. Lastly, keep the name and phone number of the best pest control in Atlanta, GA, handy at all times. They will be able to protect your home at the first sign of an infestation and prevent pests from entering your home in the future.

Stop Habits that Draw in Pests

The dropping temperatures aren’t the only thing that can attract pests to your home. In fact, rodents and insects may be drawn in by bad habits that you don’t even know you have. Look out for these common habits that can entice pests.

  • Don’t store firewood right next to your home. There are many wood-boring pests and, by storing it so close to your house, you could be inviting them in. Store wood at least three feet away from the home and only bring in what you need. This will prevent pests from crawling off the firewood and around your house.
  • Avoid leaving dirty recycling bins around your property. Leftover food and beverage products can attract ants to your garage. Though one or two ants may not seem like a big deal, ants leave behind a scent trail for other ants to follow, leading more and more into your house.