infexting-bugs-448053889.jpgHave you ever seen what appears to be a perfectly good piece of furniture sitting by the trash receptacle near your home? When a piece of furniture looks good and matches the style of a person, they might think that it makes perfect sense to take it into their home and put it to good use.

Bad idea.

Unless you know for a fact that someone has left a piece of furniture behind because they can't take it to a new home (if that's the case, they'd probably tell you and offer to sell or give it to you before throwing it out), it's pretty likely that if it looks like it's in good condition, it's probably been infested by bed bugs.

Unfortunately, because bed bugs like to come out at night and can hide themselves for days, it's difficult for non-professionals to find where they're hiding and get rid of them. If they hide themselves well enough, they can transfer themselves to other locations by catching a ride on a person's skin or clothes. They can even ride to a new location on the furniture when it isn't properly disposed of, creating a new infestation for their future offspring.

Because pest control in Atlanta, GA, is the only way to be sure if you've got bed bugs, it's important to know how to properly dispose of furniture that's infested to prevent the spread of these creatures to another home. Here's what you need to do!

Wrap Up the Infested Furniture

If you've ever made a move on your own, you might know that plastic wrap is a great way to protect your furniture from damage as it makes its way to your new home. But it's also a great way to protect your furniture from bed bugs when you dispose of it. Not only will shrink wrap make it easier for you to transport your furniture, it also helps smother bed bugs. Bed bugs can breathe for 18 months without oxygen, but they can't survive long without blood. If they're trapped on the furniture, they can't ride another person to a meal, and they'll eventually perish.


Make a Sign on Disposed Infested Furniture

Eventually, bed bugs will die of starvation when deprived of blood. But since there's no way to know when their last meal was, you don't want someone picking up your old furniture and taking it home before the bed bugs have expired. To stop this from happening, put a sign on your furniture letting everyone know what happened. Nobody will know it was yours, and you'll keep them from spreading to your neighbors.

Ensure Infested Item is Secure

Before you dispose of anything, you need to be certain that nothing is going to fall out while you're carrying it to the trash. Bed bugs are likely to notice that they're on the move, and they'll try to get out if possible. To keep them from multiplying and spreading, you need to check that you've wrapped everything tightly. Even the smallest crack is too wide for these bugs!

If you suspect you've got bed bugs in your home, calling pest control in Atlanta, GA, is the way to go to get rid of them as soon as possible. Your pest control team will tell you what you need to discard and can make sure your home is as secure as it should be, allowing you to sleep soundly!